The Bear

The series stars Jeremy Allen White as a young, talented chef who goes back to his childhood home in Chicago to take over his brother’s sandwich shop, where he had worked before his brother passed away.
The family’s Italian beef sandwich restaurant is up for grabs when Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto, a teenage chef’s elder brother passes away. He returned to Chicago to assume ownership of the firm after quitting his life as an employee at a Michelin-star restaurant. He must deal with his own pain and the catastrophe that befell his family; on top of that, he must fix a broken kitchen, control an irate crew and deal with a mobster which his deceased brother still owes money to.
In its first season, The Bear creates the ideal blend of elements and arranges them in the most delightful way possible, making it the best workplace drama since Mad Men.  
The second season of The Bear is spot on because, instead of starting from scratch, it throws its beloved characters into another pot of trouble, lets them boil, and then serves up another dish that is deliciously satisfying.

-Dirk Lombard Fourie

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