About​ Us

established in 2023

From the germ of an idea to the realization of a dream, The Edit Booth‘s journey began with a single flash of inspiration and a fierce determination to succeed.

The Edit Booth has been providing high-quality video editing, transcription, and script reading and analysis services since Dirk Lombard Fourie began his prolific journey as a video editor, filmmaker, and writer 25 years ago. It also offers screenplay and novel writing training, as well as film and video project development.

We now look forward to your business.


To innovate, develop, and nurture the craft of writing and video editing through inspiration and passion for the world of film.​


Our vision is to stand as the foremost provider of writing and video post-production solutions, consistently delivering exceptional and personalized services. Whether you’re starting a new writing project, poised for development, or need quality and creativity to finalise your film project or video for social media use, our commitment is to collaborate and propel you towards your goals.

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