Our Services

We are committed to quality, timely, and future-based service delivery.

Video Editing

Our video editing services are tailored to deliver a product of the highest quality for broadcast and online distribution. Using the latest techniques available, we offer video and audio editing, colour grading, graphics, titling and sound effects, and safe transfer protocol deliveries for your personal or business project.


We believe in handling each project meticulously to deliver the most accurate, verbatim transcription for your video and/or audio projects at the best available hourly rates, with the choice of timestamps included in your transcript and delivery in various format options.

Script Reading and Analysis

We prioritise a holistic approach, ensuring every aspect of your manuscript is optimised for peak readability through two different evaluations and analyses of your screenplay or stage play. We offer two kinds of custom-made, personal analysis: a Script reading and Analysis (Overview) and a more in-depth Scene-by-Scene And Character Analysis. Through collaboration with The Writing Studio, your manuscript can then be edited, with a focus on strategy and adaptability to transform your vision of your manuscript into tangible results.

Training and Support

Behind every challenge lies an opportunity for unparalleled assistance and training. We understand the intricacies of your needs and are committed to providing prompt assistance in your production every step of the way. We can provide online technical support for a streamlined presentation of your final product, and in collaboration with The Writing Studio, we offer training for writers in the form of weekend workshops for writers in Johannesburg.

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