Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street

Joe Berlinger’s Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street is a real crime limited documentary series made in the US in 2023. Jim Campbell’s 2021 book Madoff Talks served as inspiration for the endeavour.
The Netflix original mini-series was created in four parts by RadicalMedia and Third Eye Motion Picture Company
It exposes the biggest Ponzi fraud in history by utilising video depositions of Madoff as well as testimony from victims, investigators, journalists, and former workers. It also places blame on those who ignored many warning signs. Through their stories, the book deconstructs the Ponzi scheme and explains how Bernie Madoff became wealthy.
A historical context of Madoff’s early life is portrayed at the opening of the documentary series, which follows his imprisonment. Included in this background are the events that solidified Madoff’s determination to not repeat his father’s mistakes. The documentary details his journey from trading penny stocks as a hobby to building a successful side business that provided clients with extraordinary gains. He worked closely with his brother Peter to pioneer computerised trading and the consolidation of off-exchange markets. These innovations helped lay the groundwork for NASDAQ, where he would go on to serve as a member of the Board of Governors.
Among Berlinger’s accomplishments in The Monster of Wall Street, is his refusal to try to make the Madoff story even somewhat beautiful, while simultaneously infusing it with a substantial dosage of gore. Even though it’s not quite as alarming as his serial murderer reveals in his other documentary series such as The Jeffrey Dahmer-, or The Ted Bundy-Tapes, it does manage to simplify a very complex topic. 
The rapid four-part series by Joe Berlinger treating the shocking occurrence as a riveting financial thriller is entirely logical. A man and a society that prioritised financial indications over ethics, rules, and loved ones are mercilessly dismantled in this excellent documentary series worth watching in one sitting.

-Dirk Lombard Fourie

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