3 Body Problem

3 Body Problem is an exceptional hypothetical science fiction television series that explores the cosmos.  
One of the dogmas skilfully delves into the peril of extra-terrestrial encounters, tendering a gripping narrative with outstanding visual effects that probes the fundamentals of quantum mechanics, astrology, and astronomy. 
In the first episodes of season one, Ye Wenjie, an astronomer, witnesses her father’s horrible execution during the Chinese Cultural Revolution.  As a result of her scientific background, she is abducted by militant recruits and relocated to a foreign covert military facility where she joins a group of scientists who are forced to face the greatest threat humanity has ever faced, responding to extra-terrestrial communications.
The show’s narrative deviates from traditional science fiction; we discover that aliens are on their way and that it will take four centuries for us to see them, giving us time to prepare for a potentially hostile confrontation laden with benefits and drawbacks.
It questions what kind of political resolve—dictatorial or otherwise—is required to sustain the task. How can we appease the egos of the ultra-wealthy and convince them to partake in a new space race?  What is the required funding and workforce to expedite the scientific discovery process? 
Intellectually spellbinding, the first season of 3 Body Problem, steers away from overriding visual effects and elements of horror. 
In Jin’s virtual reality game, the spirits of the damned, dehydrate in reaction to the heat of the three suns. Auggie’s nanofibers are employed as weapons, slicing through flesh and bones like rollmops, with disastrous and strange outcomes. 
On this emotional journey, we meet the soft-spoken Will Downing (Alex Sharp), who is smitten with Jin, and his closest friend Will. Their bonding is a highlight of the series and enables us to understand the human risks associated with extra-terrestrial contact. 
It’s a rare treat for fans of Sci-Fi and sceptics who will eagerly await a second season, offering a new perception of Liu Cixin’s vision, contributing to the canon of science fiction literature worldwide by shifting the narrative focus from the East to the West. 

3 Body Problem is now available to stream on Netflix.
-Dirk Lombard Fourie

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